The Affiliate Marketing Podcast – Africa: Emerging market or big opportunity? 

The affiliate marketing podcast is back once more! This week Lee-Ann wanted to delve into the world of affiliate marketing in Africa. She knew that there were no others more qualified than Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, Vice president of strategy at Income Access and Albert Climent of Yolo Group. A vast wealth of knowledge for our listeners to enjoy!

Sarafina has almost two decades in the affiliate marketing industry, the company she is involved with income access – who focus on providing affiliate marketing solutions for their clients and she reveals that Africa has been a rising star due to the increasing popularity of mobile phones. Albert has specialised in frontier markets for the past 15 years, over the last few years he has been working within the African region in order to help his partners expand contacts and spread the word about Yolo Group – One of the most popular crypto-businesses in the world. 

Listen to find out more about: 

  • The infrastructure of affiliate marketing in Africa 
  • What are the typical brands in Africa 
  • Who are the main affiliates based within this region 

[08:00] – Listen to find out how to build brand affinity in Africa 

[10:40] – Ever wondered how different the African regions are? Find out more here 

[15:00] – Albert discusses some important news about Yolo Group 

[17:20] – Both Albert and Sarafina discuss the future of affiliate marketing in Africa 

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