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Technology Trends: Three trends in digital business to watch

What Does the Future Hold?

The term “disrupt” has really become synonymous with both success and innovation. Google Trends have shown time and time again that the use of the term “disruption” is going to peak in 2020 and that people need to learn how to leverage all of this new tech so that they can truly transform their business. As we head into uncertain times, here are a few areas that tech could help businesses evolve and change the way they do things in the next few months.

Blockchain develops and increases popularity

Some people have called blockchain a solution that is searching for a problem. There has been so much hype over the last few years for this new technology to develop and transform across multiple industries. The iGaming sector and finance sectors being the first to adopt innovation in this space. It would appear that roughly only 10% of companies have achieved a radical transformation for it though.

As technology advances, blockchain is going to climb in popularity future years and it could generate as much as $1.55 trillion in business value by the year 2025. This technology has plenty of promising applications and so many of them lie outside of just the cryptocurrency it was intended to be. Take online payments for example, this could easily be benefited and improved by blockchain technology.

Sites such as NetBet, who already accept a huge range of payment options might be able to delve into this new world of accepting instant payments using crypto currency, meaning  online casinos across the world will soon start to benefit from instant transactions and transparency on fees, which players would welcome.


Context and Conversation by Artificial Intelligence

Earlier this year, 30 of the most prevalent blockchain researchers came together to discuss how AI would evolve for an IBM research piece. The speculation was diverse but it’s safe to say that all 30 of the people involved in the discussion, agreed on the same thing. They thought that conversational AI is going to see a lot of development. The consensus is that in the next 5 years, AI is going to drive computers so that they are able to solve their biggest problem, which is the use of context.

Context is one of the biggest problems in the AI mainstream. The huge variety of conversational clues is that humans are able to understand irony and even sarcasm. This eludes even the most intelligent of AI programming, but scientists are trying to zero in on this problem and they are also trying to make it so that more and more computers are able to break through this barrier. We’ve yet to see how artificial intelligence will influence affiliate marketing and technology used in this channel to leapfrog the way we buy and place adverts on multiple sites, or tweak affiliate marketing campaigns in real time, once live.

What about the Cloud?

2020 has been a rough year and we’re only just at the start. The cloud will probably play a bigger role in company infrastructures as we move through the impact of Covid-19 in business.

Anxiety in terms of cloud security for businesses that are now forced to work almost 100% remotely our to coronavirus is concerning. A recent survey on cloud usage showed that 85% of executives happen to see the cloud as being one of their biggest threats in terms of their business security. Even though this is the case, it’s important to know that technology  companies are doing everything they can to try and turn this opinion around.  The need to be flexible, and to allow your staff to access documents, projects and work remotely is a definite need for any business right now. Google, Azure and more have made sure businesses can function with ease using top quality systems so their is less concern with security worries.

The future might be uncertain while the world crashes into virtual isolation but online businesses will continue to pivot and flourish because of technology which is available for businesses to consider in their infrastructure and servicing and for customers use.

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