SuperiorShare Group launches ‘easy-to-navigate' affiliate platform

SuperiorShare Group has launched an ‘easy-to-navigate’, in-house affiliate platform, built around the ‘concept of simplicity, flexibility and adaptability’.
The online casino’s new program has made it easy for affiliates to get trackers, marketing tools, and reports quickly and effectively. The flexibility of having an in-house system will allow the firm to expand beyond current limitations and offer more to its partners in the future.
The SuperiorShare affiliate program will also be able to adapt as the industry changes and take advantage of new business opportunities that arise within the e-gaming industry.
Some of the new features that this new system presents are creating tracking links for SMS campaigns, access to marketing kits more easily, awareness of new promotions from the casino brands and more.
“Overall, it is a very user-friendly interface”, explained Maria Carrera, media contact at SuperiorShare. “It’s our dream come true. The technical and marketing team behind SuperiorShare has really captured our integrity and passion and we are very excited about this new step which has been been evolving over many years.”
In operation since 2006, SuperiorShare Group management is sure the new platform will ‘provide better service and accommodate the business needs of current and future SuperiorShare affiliate partners’.
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