Strong calls for tighter gambling restrictions in Ireland

Problem gambling remains a large issue in Ireland and as a result, an increasing number of people are speaking up on changes that need to be made. Senator Joe O’Reilly from Fine Gael has recently proposed a limit on bets, alongside two Irish sports associations calling for new legislation to be passed. Will the Irish government hear the calls of these notable people?

A limit of €100 per bet proposed

As it appears that the Gambling Control Bill has not yet made it to Seanad, a Fine Gael Senator has called for changes to be made. Senator Joe O’Reilly, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Congress has proposed that a limit of €100 per bet is placed in Ireland.

The Senator hopes that this change will tackle problem gambling in Ireland. He said: “A gambling addiction ruins more than one life. People chase losses with more gambling, and they suffer mood swings and depression. It leads to dishonest behaviour in people who are otherwise honest, as well as to secretive and evasive behaviour.”

A larger call for new legislation

Senator Joe O’Reilly isn’t the only notable figure in Ireland calling for tighter gambling restrictions. Both the Gaelic Athletic Association and the Gaelic Player Association have pushed for new legislation recently.

This comes as both the GPA and the GAA have banned sponsorship from gambling firms. They have been working with broadcasters to ensure gambling ads are reduced and eventually eliminated during matches.

The GPA’s Player Welfare Manager, Jennifer Rogers said: “That’s something we still will be advocating strongly, in terms of banning advertising during the broadcast of live games. It will be prioritised as soon as Covid-19 settles down again. We’re using every opportunity we can to impact change, but our predominant concern is looking after players and making sure the supports are there for them when they need them.”

Will change come soon?

There have been delays in the Gambling Control Bill being passed but with stronger calls for change, we could see this happen sooner rather than later. For now, we recommend that any affiliates and operators in Ireland keep an eye on the legislation. With COVID-19 still a real issue in Ireland, more people are paying attention to problem gambling.

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