Chat bots and Instant Messenger

Automation for Communication

The options for automation are becoming much more sophisticated, far from the simple chatbots of yesteryear. If you like to be at the cutting edge of technology, free up your valuable time and engage your audience – then automation might just be the answer.

Chatbots of Today

These days, chatbots can really understand the context and converse with users. Using these to automate your marketing and communicate with your customer can save you time and even deliver greater conversion results.

Consumers are aware of what these are, with 57% of UK users stating that they understood the purpose of a chatbot or AI messenger. The general public also already has preferences in what they want these bots to do, for example 48% of consumers prefer chatbots that solve issues. These are quickly becoming a part of our public consciousness, with supermarkets, insurance companies and even food brands jumping on the bandwagon. We want instant results and automating some of your customer support for basic question and answer can help save time and resource within your team.

So how could you be using these AI technologies within your affiliate site? 

Start off by thinking about what your ideal user needs or wants, do they want a chatbot that offers them a bonus or one that helps them compare casinos based on preference and choice? Understanding what your user would engage with is the first thing you need to consider in order to be successful with using AI technology. Considering intuitive responses as par of your programme language is key to success.

Whether you have this as a widget on your site or indeed use a Facebook messenger bot, early statistics show that the open rate of these messages are much higher than a traditional email marketing or SMS campaign. If you struggle with open rates or feel that your email marketing just isn’t working, then focus in on chatbots as an experiment.

There are a lot of tools on the market to make designing and implementing your chatbot easy. They usually work as a decision tree, so you need to create a chart of what responses your chatbot will give to certain questions. For example, your chatbot could ask your user whether they want free spins or bingo bonus funds, depending on their response they could then be routed to two different operators.

From there, the possibilities are endless as you can add in more and more complex data. This also works as a market research tool, as you can evaluate the most popular routes through the decision tree. This may mean you notice more of your users want free spins, so you place a heavier emphasis on these on your site.

This kind of information is priceless and it won’t take you long to collect. You can change the questions that you ask over time in order to research the niche further and implement marketing strategies to engage audiences to increase your conversion and build loyalty.

Engage your customers Multiple Times

Users tend to interact with a chatbot more than once, with certain permissions you will also be able to message them directly on Facebook without an interaction from their side. Again, this has a higher open rate than email marketing and fewer costs too.

You could automate your chatbot to remind your users that it’s Friday and if they’re spending the weekend playing casino games, then you have a deal for them. While this concept is being used in many email marketing campaigns, you might just be the only affiliate using a chatbot to deliver it.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that gives an affiliate the edge over the competition, doing something new in order to stand out. It’s the kind of thinking that means a bonus tax or change to wagering requirements won’t affect you as much.

If you don’t believe us, try this out for yourself and track the metrics – you might just be surprised. It’s not an overly costly process to start up either, so you can easily reallocate time and money to try it out for yourself.

Chatbots present an exciting opportunity for affiliates, so don’t miss out. The faster you act and put yourself at the front of the pack, the more likely you are to get the benefits of doing something new. By the time everyone else has had their success with this automated method, it may be too late for you to get the same benefits.

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