has entered three new US states

The Carousel Group has entered three new US states through its 10-year partnership with Caesars Entertainment. This new deal will ensure that its brand is available to players in three new US states including New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana.

Moving further into the US market

This new deal is a great move for Carousel Group and which will now be accepting customers in three new US states. Carousel’s flagship betting site will be operating in all three states including Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey. Additionally, pending gaming licenses, online casino will also be offered in NJ.

The deal is set to cover 10 years which gives the Carousel Group plenty of time to cement the brand in the US market and really start to drive profit. has already been operating in Colorado since last year through a partnership with a local casino.

Increasing the market

According to Carousel, this latest agreement is set to increase their addressable market in the US to $1.8bn from a previous $109m. This is due to the huge number of people living in these three target states. The move is being marvelled at by other operators who see the potential in the deal.

24.5 million people will now gain access to the sports betting functionality available at if they wish to do so. This move can only be a good one for this brand who hope to make a name for itself in the market.

Going forward, affiliates should be aware of the new opportunities presented by Carousel and their latest deal with Caesar’s Entertainment. Make sure to keep an eye on this brand to see what is next for them.

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