Sports betting vote to take place in New York

The New York Gaming Commission is set to vote on legalizing sports betting today, with a meeting set for 1pm in New York City, where the vote will take place.

The vote is surrounded by a new set of rules which are being proposed, that if passed will see the potential for the operation of licensed and legal land based and online sports books in New York.

The legislation that is set to be discussed and voted on next week, will allow in certain circumstances online betting, but still not permitted the betting on New York college games.

An amendment to the bill was made on Wednesday this week, which would permit in stadium betting. For example, fans who watched Andy Ruiz Jr defeat Anthony Joshua at Madison Square Garden, would not have been able to place a bet within the arena at the time. However, with the amendment, betting within arenas such as MSG will become reality.

Commenting on the bill, Daniel Wallach, co-founder of the Sports Wagering & Integrity Program at the University of New Hampshire Law School said: “I think this is a win-win for New York City. In a sports stadium all along the lines of Yankee Stadium, you could have 40, 50-thousand people – all of whom are your target audience for sports betting, there are sports enthusiasts – and I think you’ll capture a much higher amount of revenue.”

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