Sports betting could be legalised in Georgia in 2021

The groundwork has been laid for an increased level of discussion on the topic of sports betting in US state Georgia. This comes as previous attempts to legalise sports betting in this state fell flat throughout the last year. Lawmakers are putting measures in place to allow discussions to take place in the new year.

A push from a representative

Once Georgia’s General Assembly is back in session on 11 January, there are several bills that will cover this topic. These will get more time at the podium and should cover everything from casinos to sports betting in the state.

Chair of the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee Ron Stephens has been pushing for legalised gambling in Georgia for quite some time now. He has made it clear that he believes that this is something that will be pushed through once the assembly is back in session.

He said: “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen in this next session. The people want it; opinion polls and more importantly public hearings show that. It’s time the legislature gives Georgians that opportunity.”

Optimism is growing

There is growing optimism about the legalisation of sports betting and other gambling products in Georgia as lawmakers like Stephens continue to push it through. Of course, there are also some obstacles standing in the way, including other lawmakers who have already found ways to prevent this from happening.

If the activity is approved by those in the General Assembly, Governor Brian Kemp would also need to accept it. Following that, a public vote would be held and this could result in the action being declined by the people of Georgia.

For now, there is hope that January will bring a new beginning for Georgia and the economic benefits of legalising sports betting will shine through to those who make the decisions.

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