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Sky Racing World releases free live streaming app

Sky Racing World, a Kentucky-based content distributor for international horse racing, has officially launched its new smartphone app which will make live streaming races easier and more accessible to consumers than ever before.

Stream horse racing events from across the world

The app by Sky Racing World is completely free to download and provides users with extensive coverage on different horse racing events from across the world. This includes live content from meets in countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Korea and South Africa.

Horse racing is one of the few sports that has largely remained untouched by the global pandemic – but spectators are still not permitted to attend events. As such, Sky Racing World developed their live streaming platform to ensure people can enjoy the sport wherever they might be in the world.

Filling a prominent need in the market

The CEO of Sky Racing World, David Haslett, said this: “Demand for digital racing content has accelerated since the start of the global pandemic, so it became clear that a single-minded App to stream and watch International racing would fill a prominent need in the market”

He continued: “We are excited to show our customers how committed we are to continuing to deliver world-class racing from a variety of markets.”

Users can download the live streaming app for free on Android or iOS devices and have the world of horse racing at their fingertips.

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