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SEO & Affiliate Marketing – What’s not to love?

Lee-Ann is back with another episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. This week, she’s talking all things affiliate marketing with the Adam Riemer Marketing president, Adam Riemer. Adam has more than 20 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and is an award-winning digital marketing strategist. He’s discussing some of the most common affiliate marketing pitfalls in the industry. Listen in here for all the details.


How the Adam Riemer Marketing agency got started

Like most great things in life, the Adam Riemer Marketing agency really started from seeing where everyone else was going wrong. It was about looking at affiliate marketing pitfalls and finding a new solution.

Adam says: “I got tired of watching my commissions go missing. It doesn’t happen on every sale but it happened enough to where it was bugging me to start taking over managing programs. Because maybe a browser extension would intercept 1 in 20 sales, or a person that I would refer to a website at the last second would go search for a voucher code or a coupon. All of a sudden, I just lost my commission, even though I did the work to introduce the customer to the website. I did the work on pre-selling. I did all of that. I should have got the commission. At a certain point, I just got tired of what I considered to be stealing. So, I took over programs that I was doing well in and I made them safe for all partners.”

“It’s about getting the technical resources and education into the right people’s hands, and then you can get an affiliate program to thrive. That’s where we’re lacking in our space.”

You can find a taste of that education on his blog at 

It’s all a video schema!

Most affiliate marketing pitfalls concern content. Adam was sharing a lot of tips on how to optimise content for the best traffic and how to then study that traffic. One idea that he had concerned video content: video schema.

Adam explains: “All video schema is, is a fancy word for some code that you could have AI start to write. Now, there are going to be errors so you could definitely use a tool like Schema App or seoClarity or something else to create the schema library for you and define to a search engine this video is about this topic. Here’s what you’re going to learn in it. Here’s who will benefit from it. Here’s the length of it. Then maybe that’s what’s going to convince the person. Depending on if you use a video overlay, you can inject your affiliate links as you’re mentioning products.”

Is the affiliate industry getting in its own way?

One thing Adam said that we can all agree on is that “one thing that the affiliate space does is innovate.”

However, Adam seems to think that we’re still getting in our own way, saying: “Brands still assume that an affiliate program should be managed by an entry-level person or an agency. I was just looking at a study someone did where they said, ‘No, we can’t remove these types of partners because they’re introducing 20% new to file customers’. I said, are you sure about that? The company that did the study left one big important feature out of the study: the fact that if the program didn’t exist, would those sales still have happened? I reset up a new test to show that and it turns out if we didn’t have a program at all, those 20% new to file customers would have still converted.”

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Listen to find out more about:

  •         Skipping the manager phase in affiliate marketing
  •         The importance of evergreen content and evergreen traffic

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[10:00] – Testing your affiliate content for optimisation

[20:00] – The need for publishers to evaluate and quantify value

[30:00] – Adam’s core advice for affiliate managers: Don’t force advice

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