Tips for perfecting your sales pitch

This week see’s us start one of the biggest event weeks of the year in iGaming industry. Everyone will be looking to maximise their time here, perfecting your pitch –  is a key component for making the most of your time there.
Perfecting your sales pitch is key to getting the deal. Here is some sound advice on how you can perfect yours and get things off to the best start.

Know your numbers

Make sure you know what your traffic is worth. Don’t sell one size fits all packages. This means knowing your numbers, knowing the operator’s focus and understanding the brand you are speaking to, so that you can judge what they need and how you can deliver it. The end goal is to negotiate an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. To do this, it’s a good idea to do your research on the company before you get to the main event.  That way you are speaking with confidence and don’t have to deal with any curve balls in the live negotiation process.

Compliance is Key

Compliance is important for everyone. Affiliate managers are keen to see how you are running a compliant affiliate business. Make sure you can demonstrate how you are compliantly marketing brands on your site and other platforms. Let them know that you understand the rules and regulations, they need you to work to. Demonstrate how you and your team are using the correct marketing methods and make sure your site is compliant before you start to negotiate a big deal.

Maintain your Professionalism

The relaxed atmosphere of a conference means that affiliates often have a more laid-back approach to their meetings and negotiations.  Although this may be the case – you still need to act professional.  Be factual and courteous when speaking to affiliate managers.  Pay attention, even if you disagree and don’t manage to come to a beneficial deal, make sure you are polite as one bad experience with an operator could affect your whole conference experience. Being transparent is also key as if you aren’t honest about what you can deliver – it can cause damage to your relationships if you don’t.

Leave them with just – 3 things

Tell them about your core USP’s not only as a business but also in terms of your personal or professional and wider teams skills. Don’t just focus on your site – if you have a community of followers, as that’s interesting too. Sell your whole acquisition service, talk about what works best and then leave them with just three quick things to remember you by.  Our brains don’t remember more than this and in a busy conference hall, you have to be clear, concise and very much too the point.
Hopefully, with some of these tips, you will be ready for action!  If you want to chat with us about any aspect of affiliate management, or if you want some help with your affiliate business – come by our stand at E28.

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