SafeEnt has licenses revoked for commercial online games after “serious deficiencies”

Swedish gambling regulator, the Spelinspektionen has revoked the SafeEnt licenses for commercial online games and betting after discovering “serious deficiencies” in the company’s operations.

While being wholly owned subsidiary of Global Gaming, The Company was licensed to provide games via the and websites, with decisions applying immediately following the concerns over responsible gaming initiatives and measures against money laundering crimes.

Stated by the regulator, the review on SafeEnt was found to have “violated several of the most central parts of the gaming law”, which are aimed at protecting players against excessive gambling.

An example provided highlighted that customers have been able to spend large amounts of money on the site, without the company reacting to what the duty of care requires, in addition to individuals being able to play well beyond their own deposit limits.

In addition, it was also revealed that the company’s actions against money laundering crimes and terrorist financing also shows serious and systematic shortcomings, more specifically deficiencies were found in the company’s risk assessment and measures for customer knowledge.

The review has found that SafeEnt had offered bonuses on more than one occasion, and that some offers related to lotteries that were not covered by the company’s license.

While explaining their decision in a media release, the Spelinspektionen wrote: “SafeEnt has described what measures it intends to take to correct the deficiencies, but the Spelinspektionen believes that the measures are not sufficient and notes that SafeEnt lacks understanding of important parts of the regulations that govern the operations.

“The Spelinspektionen revokes the SafeEnt licenses with immediate effect, since the company’s existing and prospective customers may be adversely affected if the business is allowed to continue.”

Several warnings and penalty fees against licence holders have been issued since the country introduced new gaming legislation at the start of the year, with this being the first case that has been deemed serious enough to see a licence be revoked.

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