RISQ partners with jackpot marketing platform BlueRibbon

Jackpot insurance and risk management provider RISQ has struck up a partnership with marketing platform BlueRibbon. The deal will allow operators to offer life-changing jackpots to their players on top of the BlueRibbon platform.  

The partnership means that operators can now create, customise and control bespoke jackpots that are tailored to their business needs and that cater to all player segments and preferences, also with prize pots that are insured for up to £25 million.

Under the deal, the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform (iGiP) has been integrated with the BlueRibbon marketing platform, combining both supplier’s market-leading products and services so that they can be offered to operators via a single, seamless integration.

BlueRibbon allows operators to deliver unique jackpots and rewards, taking player engagement and satisfaction to the next level. The platform is agnostic to any game or vertical, so every bet or action on any product gives players a real chance of winning a jackpot prize.

Operators can also leverage the platform’s unique data insights and powerful back office to build an engaging and rewarding experience for all types of player, allowing them to truly differentiate from their rivals for the very first time.

RISQ’s insurance platform is backed by a team of professionals experienced in both risk and sporting analytics, leveraging over twenty global reinsurance markets, including but not limited to Lloyd’s of London.

The iGiP includes a range of non-liquidity backed jackpot applications, including: Super Jackpots, Sports Predictors, Acquisition & Retention Campaign Prize Draws, and Betting on Lottery Insurance.

Amir Askarov, Co-founder and CEO of BlueRibbon, said: “This is a breakthrough partnership for BlueRibbon, which will allow us to offer an holistic jackpot marketing solution for our partners and now also with insured jackpot.

“We believe it is another important brick in our platform which will assist our partners to take their player engagement to the next level, and deliver a truly thrilling and compelling experience across all game verticals while also providing peace of mind and security to online gambling operators and brands.”

Julian Borg-Barthet, Director of Business Development at RISQ, said: “The opportunity to integrate the iGiP with the BlueRibbon marketing platform gives BlueRibbon’s customers the ability to offer unprecedented jackpots of up to £25m.

“In turn, RISQ customers have easy access to a professional platform to deliver their insurance backed concepts, significantly shortening go-live timescales and dates, as well as working off a professional platform to scale up other concepts on the fly.”

The deal comes shortly after BlueRibbon completed its first funding round, with investment from Velo Capital Partners and Chris Ash, as it looks to rapidly expand the scale and scope of its product and business.

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