RISQ confirms new partnership with Media Hut

In a move which will see the duo develop a new multi-channel marketing campaign, the iGaming Insurance Platform (iGiP) operator RISQ has teamed up with Media Hut.

The multi-channel campaign will be designed to support operators in both reaching and activating their core demographic.

Karl Dukes of Media Hut commented: “In a market space where players are bombarded with ineffective emails and in-app messaging, a personalised letter in the post with an individualised and relevant jackpot offer will catch the attention of players.

“Once the unique URL / jackpot code has been entered into a web browser, a direct mail campaign is as trackable as an online campaign which makes the direct mail channel an essential part of the marketing mix.”

Media hut, a direct mail company, has already agreed to roll out the RISQ Integrated partner program to deliver clients’ jackpots, thus offering an additional acquisition and retention campaign method.

The mail campaigns will be both personalised and tangible, giving operators the chance to mix the campaigns with tailor-made jackpot promotions.

“Seeing the conversion rate from direct mail as compared to email is absolutely insane and RISQ wanted to be a part of that,” added RISQ director of business development, Julian Borg-Barthet, said.

“We can see our clients using Media Huts direct mail to send golden tickets direct to players door to redeem them online for a chance to win multiple tiers of prizes including a headlining life-changing amount of money, all backed by the RISQ iGaming Insurance Platform of course.”

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