Rhi Burns, Catena Media: Behind the scenes with a super-affiliate

Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone caught up with Rhi Burns, Head of Sales at Catena Media, who gives us an insight into what happens behind the scenes at a super-affiliate company.

The journey to super-affiliate success

“It’s been quite a journey!” Burns enthused. “When I joined Catena there was only 15 people, and already we were still one of the big affiliates. Now we are 400 people across 9 locations around the world, which is great, but really we’re just like any other business.”

Acquisition is key

“We grew a lot from acquisition,” she continued. “We’ve bought a lot of companies and boarded them into our teams, and that’s become more and more seamless every time.”


The interview came in the aftermath of strong, across-the-board growth in the affiliate network’s full-year 2018 results. It remains on course to meet its 2020 corporate guidance strategy.
“The process of transitioning from a distinct acquisition strategy to an increased focus on organic growth is progressing and the results have already been favourable, with clear indicators that we are on the right path,” explained CEO Per Hellberg.
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