Responsible Affiliates in Gambling launched to promote social responsibility

In recognition of the role that affiliate marketing providers can play in the promotion of social responsibility in the UK gambling industry, a new trade association – Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAIG) – has been established.
The new trade association will focus upon promoting a safer gambling environment for customers, initially comprising of three major players in the UK gambling affiliate sector: the Racing Post, Oddschecker and Better Collective.
One of the terms to joining the association is that each member will be subject to an annual social responsibility audit which will be conducted by Gambling Integrity. The audit will specifically focus upon ensuring compliance with a range of existing statutory and non-statutory regulation as well as any additional measures which might be adopted over time.
Commenting on the launch of RAIG, its inaugural chairman, Clive Hawkswood, said: “A broad group of affiliates have been discussing the need for a dedicated association for some time. Particular credit should go to the founding members of RAIG for making that a reality and, crucially, for deciding that it should focus exclusively on social responsibility and safer gambling.
“The new audit process will be a key driver to achieving compliance and progress in these crucial areas and raising the standards of the affiliate marketing sector as a whole. However, the members are anxious to go beyond that and we look forward to engaging with other stakeholders, especially regulators, to explore what additional measures might be considered in the future.
“Affiliate providers of marketing services are already subject to extensive regulation, but more can always be done in relation to consumer protection and RAIG will provide a forum for that.”
Sarah Ramanauskas, Senior Partner at Gambling Integrity added: “We are delighted to be the providers of audit services to RAIG and its members. The RAIG’s focus on raising standards, together with its objective of providing a safer environment for players, is an important and timely initiative.”
Members of the RAIG will be obliged to adhere to a number of conditions, including: The UK Code of non-broadcast Advertising and Direct and Promotional Marketing (the ‘CAP’ code); The UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (‘BCAP’ code); The Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising; Any relevant guidance issued by regulators such as the Advertising Standards Authority; Gambling Commission; and Information Commissioners’ Office on affiliate marketing requirements.
The RAIG will also roll out a framework to engage with politicians and industry stakeholders in any consultations and discussions that are relevant to the responsible marketing of gambling products.
They will offer advice and support towards relevant research, education and treatment projects as well as the options for improving the training for those working in the gambling affiliate sector. These projects will be decided upon in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

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