Reasons to join our Digital Marketing Mixer on 30th June

We’re almost halfway through the most peculiar of years and summer is just days away. To round off June and celebrate a slow emergence from the abyss, we’re hosting our second Digital Marketing Mixer event.

Taking place on 30th June, this online networking party will be a follow-on from our successful Digital Marketing Mixer on 22nd May. A number of key figures from throughout iGaming and affiliate marketing joined to connect with and learn from one another. 

Keen to find out what’s in it for you if you join our end-of-June event? Good news – we’ve listed just a few of the many benefits below. 

An online event which encourages interaction and participation

As iBet Directory Founder Lloyd Richman praised after May’s DMM, all delegates “were offered the opportunity to contribute unlike other webinars and conferences”. Because of this, nobody was in it just for themselves. Instead, everybody involved sought to provide value for one another. 

For this version of the event, we will once again be tapping into the engagement side of things. You’ll be able to get involved in speed-selling, networking games and more. It’s vital that everybody airs their voice for us to move forward; this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Connect with others in a stress-free environment

One of the missed aspects of land-based conferences is being able to interact with others without additional pressure. That goes not just for popping over to different stands, but also the conversations at bars. And while of course it’s impossible to replicate person-to-person interactions on the internet, creating a relaxed atmosphere for all is still vital. 

By attending this month’s DMM, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about business without the pressure to complete a deal there on the spot. We encourage you to pitch yourself, what you offer and who you can help. Even if nothing arises straight away, it’s possible that will change in the future. 

Get your name out there 

A lot of industries have suffered due to a certain virus named after a popular beer. Sports betting is an example of this. But in difficult times as such, the worst thing you can do is cower and hide in the corner. 

Instead, what you should be doing is getting in front of your target audience and business partners at every possible opportunity. This can be done through publishing online articles and the like, but networking events are another chance to make this happen. And since the DMM is free, why not give it a go? 

Keen to join us for the Digital Marketing Mixer?

If you want to come along for the event on 30th June, all you need to do is RSVP here.

For an idea of what you can expect, watch the official Digital Marketing Mixer video on YouTube.  

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