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Racehorse Lotto to expand in Ireland with £2 million raise

The concept of Racehorse Lotto is expected to expand in Ireland by raising £2 million. Brothers James and Hugh O’Donnell are making moves to expand the lottery.

The former horse racing breeder for the Queen, James, and the CEO of Furlong Games and investment banker, Hugh, have combined for a horseracing venture which should see the racehorse lotto growing into a competition for horse racing fans to win their own racehorse.

What’s up for grabs?

Much like regular lottery ventures, there is a jackpot, in this case, a racing horse, with training and vet bills included, and the added benefit of more income down the line should the horse keep winning. Other prizes include £500 of race day spending money or a cash jackpot of £150,000.

What have the investors got to say?

It seems the O’Donnell brothers are now making a push to make this lottery a reality. The brothers have expressed that there is a demand for horse racing lotteries, pointing to the fact that there is 8,000 for over 11 million racing fans across the country.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Hugh O’Donnell said: “We see an enormous opportunity not only to create a once-in-a-lifetime dream for many racing fans, but also to give back to the sport, much required after the last couple of years, and to build a substantial international business too in time commencing with expansion into Ireland next year.”

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