PokerStars return to Switzerland with new Casino Davos deal

The online poker operator PokerStars have recently announced its return to Switzerland through an exclusive distribution deal starting from July 1st 2021. This deal will see PokerStars partner up with Casino777, the online casino brand of land-based casino operator Casino Davos.

PokerStars return

PokerStars is re-launching its operations in Switzerland after previously leaving the market back in July 2019. The online poker operator left the Swiss market due to the country opening its regulated online market, which saw the introduction of new gambling legislation. PokerStars failed to meet the new requirements of the Federal Act on Money Games, which limited online casino licenses to land-based casino operators only, meaning it had to remove its operations.

Exciting opportunities

The new deal with Casino Davis will allow Swiss players to enter into PokerStars global tournaments under new legislations. Players will be able to access the tournament through a dedicated Swiss homepage via desktop computers or an Android device. There are also plans in place that will allow players to access the tournament through iPhones and iPads very soon. To access PokerStars’ tournament, all players must have an online account with Casino777. This account will handle players transactions and offer support through Swiss consumer protection rules.

The chief gaming officer of Casino777, Robert Kocher, is excited about this new deal and the possibilities that it will bring for Swiss poker players. He recently stated “The preparatory work for this launch has been going on for months. The project is not completely without challenges. All provisions of Swiss legislation must be complied with, for example with regard to player protection or money laundering prevention.” Proving that he and the operators of PokerStars want the launch of this deal to be perfect and inline with all legislations of the Swiss Federal Act.

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