Playtech’s new Build-A-Bet feature “helping change the face” of retail

A new Build-A-Bet feature rolled out by Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) is “helping to change the face of retail betting” according to John Pettit, the firm’s UK, Ireland, Asia and Australia Managing Director.

The Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBTs) supplier has enhanced its Bet Tracker app with the integration of Build-A-Bet, allowing retail customers to place bets on SSBTs, then track their progress on mobile devices away from the shop, cashing out on the live action if they so choose.

With the new Build-A-Bet feature they will now be able to compile and save selections into a betting slip on their device away from the shop for later placement at the terminal via a unique QR code.

Pettit explained: “Bet Tracker is helping to change the face of retail betting. It already has a large following among customers of our partners, and the ‘anytime, anywhere’ tool will further boost customer engagement and loyalty for both big and small retail operators.

“The addition of Build-A-Bet will make it even easier for customers to place bets at their own convenience and will be a popular addition for those who want the convenience of mobile combined with a physical retail experience.

“Bet placement will now be much quicker and more efficient, enabling more transactions and less bet processing time at the terminal.”

Operators are able to add their own branding within the BetTracker product and there are options for Build-A-Bet to be integrated into their own app.

Bet Tracker was introduced by PBS 18 months ago across both iPhone and Android and has experienced impressive growth and an incremental increase in transferred bets each week.

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