Peergame teases new affiliate program

Peergame has recently indicated that they have an affiliate program on the way by offering a sneak peek. There has been no official launch date as of yet but a recent blog post by Peergame has indicated that the launch of a closed beta of the Peergame Affiliate Program will be very soon.

New opportunities for affiliates

Many industry experts have already been discussing the potential advantages that can be gained from Bitcoin SV gambling. So, it comes as no surprise that Peergame will want to offer something like this.

It is expected that affiliates will benefit from instant payouts of commissions due to the nature of Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. This is what will set this affiliate program apart from others of a similar nature.

A wager-share model

The Peergame Affiliate Program will focus on a wager-share model rather than affiliates being paid commission based on revenue. In their blog post teaser, Peergame said: “A wager-share will guarantee our affiliates a life-time of steady profits as long as they have referees playing with us, without the unnecessary worry over negative carryover or referees beating the house.”

They added: “This system will allow our affiliates to enjoy watching their own pockets grow by seconds without any unnecessary hassle.”

When the closed beta begins, affiliates will be able to sign-up using a launch form. All affiliates that are approved in the first month will be eligible for a 40% wager-share. They will simply be required to submit their name, email address and source of traffic.

Peergame might not have announced a launch date yet but this is certainly shaping up to be an exciting program. Keep an eye on the Peergame site to be one of the first to sign-up.

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