joins forces with Chalkline

The leading software supplier of community sports games in Canada,, have recently announced that they’re joining Chalkline. Today they announced the launch of their new free to play website,, which will see big changes for the supplier. The new site is set to go live during the peak of the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association.

New opportunities

Office Pools has been supporting communities of pool players across Canada for over 25 years now. So, this announcement comes as a big step for the software supplier and represents a natural progression for them as the gaming industry evolves across North America.

With this collaboration, will be able to take full advantage of Chalkline’s leading platform. They will be able to deliver new engagement and educational tools for player communities, which players are extremely excited about.

New sporting legislations

Only last week, the Canadian parliament passed Bill C-218, which sees new sporting legislations being brought into the country. This new Bill has legalized wagering on single-sporting events for the first time ever in Canada. Graham Lee, the CEO of GSL Holdings Ltd., the owner and operator of, recently stated “ sees the legalization of sports betting in Canada as a positive development for sports fans across the provinces.”

Daniel Kustelski, CEO of Chalkline, said: “Graham and the team at are part of the fabric of what it means to be a sports fan in Canada. We’re ecstatic to partner with the leading community fan site, and to leverage our shared vision and products to deliver fun and education to their passionate audience.” This proves that both Office Pools and Chalkline are excited about this opportunity and what it can bring to pool players across North America.

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