Oddspedia Widgets, a new way to increase the revenue of sports betting affiliates and publishers

The sports betting industry is constantly developing and has become a worldwide trend. The online segment is growing fast around the world, especially in regions like Latin America and Africa. As a result, competition in this industry has also reached its highest levels, not only between operators and bookmakers but in the affiliate business as well.

Publishers and affiliates now have a new option to increase their revenue and at the same time provide their customers with non-stopping flow of useful user content thanks to the brand new Oddspedia Widgets. What exactly does this mean? Editors can use their websites to provide their customers with Sports Data in real-time for free, at the same time they get earnings with the tools.

Oddspedia is one of the main websites where you can find sports data, stats, results and odds from all the competitions in the world. An “all-in-one” platform focused on sports fans and experienced players. Users will find a full sight of the sports world, with all the sports data they need to make their tips and share them with friends and the community.

As we mentioned, the “all-in-one” product is extremely easy to use, even if you are a beginner in the sports world. Here you will find all that you need and want to learn about.

As part of its mission, the company has developed three Widgets to share now with its audience, publishers and other affiliates.

Step forward for Publishers

One of the main issues for editors, publishers and affiliates is providing real-time data to their customers as it is extremely hard to find a proper way to do it. However, Oddspedia has designed two ways to provide info and stats which are completely free and easy to share. The Oddspedia Widgets fill the gap between the sports data feeds and the operators.

Editors will be able to get the Oddspedia Widgets for free, they just need to register on the platform and add their own affiliate links to activate the Odds Comparison Widget. All the data will be shared with Oddspedia, in a 50-50 agreement between them. Publishers will get real-time sports data without any expense for them and at the same time, they can offer that data to their customers and readers.

For example, you will be able to see sports data from a Champions League game or some of the biggest derbies in the Premier League. That’s something you can also check in the Match Center Widget.

Technology trend-based

Oddspedia Widgets have been developed with the millennial audience in mind. The editors should not be worried about how these Widgets will look on their websites as they are fully responsive for mobile devices and tablets. Another feature they will find is the customization option which is available for all widgets. They can look as you want, with your own style and colours. After the setup, you just need to create the embed code and paste it on your website.

At the moment, there are three Oddspedia Widgets available:

Odds Comparison: The successful widget from Oddspedia allows the publishers to compare odds gathered from more than 70 bookmakers from all around the world. It has a clear design and is focused on providing information to the customers about odds and markets.

Match Center: The Oddspedia Match Center widget boosts your digital product by offering engaging live coverage for different sports. It is structured as a bundle that includes two combinable modules – scoreboard and odds comparison. The widget is designed with multiple customization options and is fully responsive.

Livescore: Stay close to the game and never miss any of the excitement with Oddspedia’s Livescore widget. Get comprehensive and reliable data on 30+ sports and enjoy instant updates about score changes in real-time as well as live odds from major bookmakers. Live matches from all competitions have quick and accurate updates twelve times a minute. The instant score information, goal scorer and assist names, detailed live match statistics, and live-stream data are all constantly refreshed.

A Surebets widget is the next in the production line for the Oddspedia team. Sure bets, also known as arbitrage betting, is a betting method that allows you to benefit from the differences found between odds set between bookmakers. In every bet you stake via this method, a profit is, more or less, guaranteed regardless of the outcome of the event. With this Surebets widget, your customers can take advantage of Oddspedia’s vast resources of sports data and bet on sure bets without the need of researching themselves.

A Dropping Odds widgets will follow the last-mentioned very soon, providing a full wide of options for publishers and editors of the sports website. A good option to make a website get more revenue for you.

If all this interests you and you want to find more information or even register and try these widgets, head out to widgets.oddspedia.com.


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