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New shareholders welcomed at iGaming NEXT

Three new equity holders have been welcomed at iGaming NEXT. This includes Tim Heath, Lahcene Merzoug and Robin Reed. This comes as iGaming NEXT has been quickly expanding and making a name for itself as a disruptive events and media platform in the industry.

Powering the next stage

iGaming NEXT is an already established brand in the industry but their new funding is set to take them to new heights.

A digital version of its flagship event will take place between November 10-12 this year with more than 5,000 delegates expected to attend. Both Todd Haushalter and Jason Ader will act as keynote speakers at this event.

Last year’s event in Malta was attended by more than 1,200 delegates and its focus was on world-class learning opportunities. They might be unable to host this event in the same format as last year but the digital version is set to make waves in the industry.

iGaming NEXT industry leaders

iGaming NEXT aims to solidify their position as industry leaders with their existing podcast already helping them to achieve this goal.

Pierre Lindh, iGaming NEXT co-founder and Managing Director said: “We felt there was a lot of room for improvement compared to the current iGaming events offering and found many in the industry shared our view. We’ve committed to producing more professional, content-led events which better serve the needs of a modern, multi-billion euro global industry. We are confident the support and expertise of our new investors will allow us to deliver upon this.”

With new shareholders on board, iGaming NEXT is gearing up for a big 2021. This is one events company to keep an eye on.

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