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New Market Licence rules for Dutch Affiliate

One of the largest poker affiliate companies in the Netherlands, PokerKamers.nl, have announced that they are no longer marketing operators who do not hold a market licence in the Dutch market. This comes as the company updates its compliance measures in line with the new Dutch regulatory regime.

PokerKamers.nl was first launched in 2006 and has just recently launched its new website to accompany the change.

The new policy announced has been made to reflect the new regulated market conditions, which launched on 1 October 2021 after several delays.

The founder of PokerKramers.nl, Joris Koningsberg, has outlined that the new compliance regulations means that the company will only be advertising websites that are legal operators in the Netherlands’ regulated online market.

Before the market opened officially, there were ten operators who had been announced to have received a market licence. 

Konningsberg released a statement: “Being fully compliant meant saying farewell to online poker sites that did not receive a licence to legally operate in the Netherlands,

“This includes renowned sites like PartyPoker and Bwin, as parent company Entain’s initial application got rejected.

“It was an easy decision, because the only other option was working with illegal poker sites. And besides, one of our favorite partners- Bet365 – did receive their licence.”

It is expected that Entain will gain a market licence to operate in the Netherlands sometime in 2022. In compliance with a “cooling off” period instigated by the KSA, Entain blocked all of their Dutch customers the day before the market opened.

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