New GoodGaming brand to be powered by CasinoCoin

Online gaming operator GoodGaming is launching a new online casino brand, which will be powered by the cryptocurrency CasinoCoin.

Utilising cryptocurrency to its maximum 

GoodGaming’s new casino brand will accept deposits, wagers and withdrawals with this digital currency. CasinoCoin’s Bankroll Manager for KYC and AML purposes will also be leveraged. This feature enables players to wager at any casino that accepts CasinoCoin, with minimal friction and high security. 

Oliver Wu, GoodGaming Chairman, said: “We’re hugely excited to launch our first cryptocurrency casino and enter one of online gaming’s fastest growing verticals. 

“This new brand will offer users an enhanced experience, including lightning-fast transactions, low fees and seamless registration.  

“By working with CasinoCoin, we have the power to quickly scale and offer our customers a world-class user experience via the Bankroll Manager.”

Blockchain Isle of Man oversaw GoodGaming’s crypto-powered casino for the licensing process.

Lyle Wraxall, CEO of Digital Isle of Man, said: “We’d like to extend our sincerest congratulations to the GoodGaming team on the launch of their first cryptocurrency casino brand and their partnership with CasinoCoin, from their home in the Isle of Man.

“The Isle of Man prides itself on responsible gambling measures. It’s clear that CasinoCoin holds these high standards at the forefront of its offering. Much of this owes to the built-in KYC functionality and AML tracking tool. GoodGaming will be able to scale up quickly using this, in the knowledge that they’re adhering to world-class regulatory measures.”

What is CasinoCoin?

The CasinoCoin Foundation was set up in September 2017. Along with providing its cryptocurrency for the online casino industry, has a strong focus on regulation. 

Speaking about GoodGaming’s casino launch, John Caldwin Director of Advocacy at the CasinoCoin Foundation – said the following: “We have worked closely with GoodGaming and Blockchain Isle of Man to deliver a real-money cryptocurrency gaming business case within a fully compliant, KYC-ready framework.   

“We built our blockchain and Bankroll Manager features specifically for cases such as this. So, we’re certain that our technology will deliver a world-class crypto gambling experience to GoodGaming’s customers.”

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