new global accreditation

New global accreditation developed by Australian advisory

The Australian gambling advisory Senet has compiled and released a new global compliance accreditation to be granted to gaming operators. This new accreditation will focus on the prevention of money laundering and harm that can be caused through gambling.

The two accreditations will be called Senet Assure and Senet Assure Premium. Their aim is to protect both the gaming organisations and their customers and communities. To garner the accreditation, a brand must show a commitment to not just minimising the risks of problem gambling but also to the implementation and promotion of a responsible gambling culture.

Paul Newson, the regulatory and gambling specialist of Senet, said: “The accreditation is a way for industry leaders to demonstrate they are meeting the highest standards of accountability and exceeding best practice in protecting their customers and their staff in cultivating a workplace culture of compliance and social responsibility.”

A new global accreditation such as this is launching at precisely the right time. There have been many growing calls from governments and charities to firmly address the issues and stigma of online gambling.

Brands need to offer more support to these players when they come forward to ensure that they get the help that they need. Accreditations such as these new ones from Senet will help to give players the reassurance that they are playing at sites or in venues that truly value their customers’ wellbeing.

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