BetConstruct solution “provides 100% transparency”

BetConstruct-powered blockchain platform Fasttoken is poised to present its latest solution, which is said to provide “100% transparency, security and fairness to all involved parties – players, game providers, operators and affiliates”.

Fasttoken is the first all-in-one betting and wagering solution, fully decentralised and based on Ethereum blockchain.

Utilising Ethereum’s second layer scaling technologies, the solution enables decentralised, provably fair gaming and verifiable RNG across all verticals, guaranteeing exciting, lightning-fast and unforgettable gaming experiences.

The second layer scaling tech allows Fasttoken to minimise transactions costs, eliminate latency and lag inside a gaming session and boost scalability indefinitely, by moving the actual gaming process of the main chain.

“Trust takes years to build up, and seconds to lose. That is why today we are building the casino of the future. By applying blockchain solutions in gambling, we deliver an exclusive chance to enjoy wagering without the sine qua non of the trust factor,” said Vigen Badalyan, BetConstruct Founder and CEO.

The solution never compromises the security, transparency or fairness of any aspect of any game, at any point in time. Once a gaming session ends, players have an option to audit every spin, revealed card or event for fairness.

Moreover, players can enjoy multiple games simultaneously, just like they do in centralised casinos today.

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