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Musk to introduce paid-for Twitter verification

After Elon Musk’s dramatic takeover of the social media platform Twitter last week, many expect the SpaceX and Tesla mogul to make substantial changes to the app and how it operates.

After previously outlining his plan to significantly increase the business’s revenue through an increase in subscription-based services, Musk looks set to follow through with this plan as he aims to monetize the platform’s verification process.

Currently, Twitter verifies popular official accounts with large followings. Celebrities, brands, politicians, and journalists are among the most commonly verified accounts, as well as major content creators and influencers.

However, reports are now suggesting that Musk has ordered Twitter staff to begin implementing his new plan for verification, by merging the process with the existing Twitter Blue subscription model.

Twitter Blue is a premium service that users can access for $4.99 a month. Under the new system, Twitter Blue will cost $19.99 a month and will reward subscribers with a blue verification badge.

This fee would also apply to users who are already verified, with reports suggesting that they will lose their verification status if it is not paid within 90 days.

According to reports, Musk has demanded that staff roll out these changes by 7th November, or their jobs could be at risk.

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