Mr. Gamble

Mr. Gamble partners with ORYX Gaming

Online affiliate casino site Mr. Gamble has entered into a partnership with ORYX Gaming to showcase games on the affiliate site while using Twitch as a streaming platform.

Mr. Gamble

Mr. Gamble has been rapidly growing in popularity for some time and is now officially established as one of the most popular affiliate sites in the iGaming industry. iGaming affiliates across the world are looking at Mr. Gamble’s success and how it has come to be.

At the moment, the Cashmagnet-owned site has been using Twitch as their primary platform to run a slots channel for their customers. This currently has over 1.2 million views and is expected to increase. Launched in 2011, Twitch now serves as the world’s most popular online streaming platform accumulating approximately 15 million viewers worldwide. Individuals use Twitch to stream live and online content to their viewers; leading affiliates in the iGaming industry are using this tool to their advantage.

ORYX Gaming

Those enthusiastic about ORYX Gaming should jump at the opportunity to experience the live stream of their games on such a huge platform. ORYX Gaming is a vast gaming content provider; it currently offers over 10,000 games from around 100 game providers. It has developed its services so much that it now serves as the host site for content from an endless list of RGS partners.

The Managing Director of ORYX Gaming, Matevz Mazij, noted: “We are excited to team up with Mr. Gamble for this opportunity to showcase our offering to its expanding following.”

Affiliates, take note

Affiliates should consider incorporating Twitch streaming services into their affiliate strategies. It has proven successful for the iGaming industry in the past and now we see Mr. Gamble developing top partnerships as a result. Twitch is an excellent channel to showcase the excitement of online slots daily for iGaming lovers across the world.

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