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More Twitter execs exit platform due to risk to users

The drama of Elon Musk continues. Soon Twitter is likely to be solely run by this one man with the amount of staff getting either fired or resigning from the company. The latest update, which might well be old news by the time it’s posted, is that higher executives are resigning from the company for fears that Elon Musk is causing a risk to users.

As reported by The Verge, one Twitter staffer wrote: “Elon has shown that his only priority with Twitter users is how to monetize them. I do not believe he cares about the human rights activists. The dissidents, our users in un-monetizable regions, and all the other users who have made Twitter the global town square you have all spent so long building, and we all love.”

Musk was forced to buy a company he soon realised had no profit margin. He decided to make a profit margin. Fine, but the way he’s going about it and enacting it with no thought for the practical implications, like the “verified blue checkmark” that isn’t verified, puts users and society at large at risk, considering Twitter is a source of journalistic intent.

In response to one user asking about the blue checkmark being abused by trolls to impersonate high-profile figures, Elon Musk did essentially the Tweet equivalent of a shrug, saying: “Good question. Twitter will suspend the account attempting impersonation and keep the money! So if scammers want to do this a million times, that’s just a whole bunch of free money.”

And added a gif of Clint Eastwood saying “Go ahead, make my day.”

Follow-up question, Musk: With what staff?

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