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MiFinity’s eWallet Solutions Changing the Game in Payments Industry

As digital payment methods become more popular, eWallet solutions are no longer just a convenient option but a necessity for customers and businesses worldwide. eWallets are virtual wallets that allow customers to store, manage and transfer financial assets from their computer or smartphone. They give consumers the freedom to enter and store credit, debit card and bank information to use to make purchases. MiFinity is a leading provider of payment solutions that cater to customers and businesses from around the globe. How are MiFinity ‘s eWallet solutions revolutionising the online payments landscape?

Global Reach

MiFinity has a remarkable geographic reach, covering 225 countries and territories. The MiFinity eWallet, native app, and desktop version are also available in 20 languages.

With multiple native currency eWallets, MiFinity customers can create up to 9 native currency eWallets within a single account. This feature empowers users to manage your funds efficiently and play on international casino websites without the hassle of currency conversion. Plus, MiFinity supports over 75 payment methods and more than 17 currencies, ensuring that you can choose the options that suit you best.

Cutting-Edge Technology

MiFinity leverages the latest app technology to provide players with a best-in-class user experience. With an intuitive design and biometric security, the MiFinity eWallet offers a seamless and secure payment journey that stands out from the competition.

With MiFinity’s advanced digital eWallet, customers can be safe from fraud and data breaches through strong encryption, password protection, and biometric authentication to keep their banking information secure.

The MiFinity eVoucher

The MiFinity eVoucher has been specifically designed to give customers the ability to top up their MiFinity account and spend funds with ease on merchant sites. A secure e-money product, this service enables instant online deposits in multiple currencies and denominations across Europe, APAC, Africa and the Americas.

Our eVoucher can be purchased by customers from any of our 12 partner resellers in 225 countries and territories worldwide and is available in 16 currencies. By being sold in fixed denominations, it gives users more control and allows them to pay at various sites without the need to share sensitive debit or credit card information. Plus, it can be easily redeemed directly on your site through the iFrame.

Since the launch of the MiFinity eVoucher, the company has partnered with a variety of well-known global resellers, including the likes of Dundle, Kinguin, Recharge, OffGamers and more.

“Every operator is looking for reliable payment solutions for emerging markets,” says MiFinity CEO Paul Kavanagh. “This is a truly global solution. With instant and secure online payments, our eVoucher solution opens a lot of doors for operators considering geographical expansion. Likewise, it is a perfect fit for operators seeking omnichannel payments solutions who want to complement the payment methods they already have in place”.

Instant Banking for Customers

Our instant banking service, the MiFinity Instant Bank Transfer solution, enables MiFinity customers to top up their eWallet or load funds directly onto their favourite sites from their bank account in real-time.

The primary benefit of MiFinity Instant Bank Transfer is that it gives customers a convenient opportunity to pay on your site directly from their bank account. This optimises and boosts their user experience, ensuring maximum transaction success rates.

Enhanced User Experience

The MiFinity app boasts an enhanced and efficient experience that makes managing your money quite simple. It comes with an intuitive layout and design that allows customers to deposit funds, make payments and send money quickly and securely.

The minute a customer downloads the app, the experience is optimised for a frictionless payment journey. Plus, signing up for a MiFinity eWallet takes seconds, and biometric login is fast and provides customers with an added layer of security.

About MiFinity:

MiFinity, a global payments provider, offers a range of cost-effective and efficient end-to-end payment solutions. It has a growing network of international partner relationships and a best-in-class, highly secure and regulated technology platform.

 MiFinity is evolving into a true ‘omnichannel’ payment provider to the global online payment market. MiFinity UK Limited and Mifinity Malta Limited, trading as MiFinity for the issuing of electronic money, are duly authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Malta Financial Services Authority respectively (MFSA).

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