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Meta hopes to aid SMB with business support initiative, Meta Pro Team

Small businesses could see a boost from Meta itself since the social media platform launched its business support initiative, which will offer contactable support teams giving advice to small businesses. Business owners can call up the Meta Pro Team and get one-on-one support for business queries including marketing tactics, technical issues, and troubleshooting.

The initiative is split into three tiers right now, made up of, Meta Marketing Pro, which offers live, personalized help designed to maximize business results, Meta Technical Pro, which provides hands-on guidance in installing or optimizing business tools on the platforms, including Pixel, Product Catalog, Conversions API and measurement, and Meta Support Pro which covers troubleshooting policies, billing, and ad restriction issues.

As explained by Meta: “The Meta Pro Team offers support to help small businesses grow their online advertising impact, from top-of-the-marketing-funnel goals down to direct response objectives. Our pros help ensure you have strategic guidance to reach and connect with your customers in moments that matter most, no matter whether you’re a novice advertiser or have been advertising for many years.”

However, the option isn’t open to all advertisers right now.

“We’ll reach out to you if your business is a good fit. In the meantime, please check out Meet the Pro Team and the pros to learn more about your business eligibility.”

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