LinkedIn returns to China with InCareer

LinkedIn has launched a new app titled InCareer for its Chinese users after shuttering its existing service in the country in October.

A welcome return

LinkedIn has announced its return to China in the form of a new app titled InCareer exactly two months after it revealed it would be leaving the country as a result of the government’s escalating restrictions on social media.

It bears striking resemblance to LinkedIn in that it has been designed to help users located within mainland China find suitable employment through various recruitment tools and messaging features. In addition, it also aims to aid companies in their search to attract and retain top-rated talent in the country.

It has debuted and is currently available on both desktop and smartphone app stores.

A global approach

It may have returned with a new look and a new name, but it will continue to allow brands in China to access LinkedIn’s existing advertising solutions and sponsored content as well as connect with millions of users located overseas.

It will also provide recruiters with unlimited access to up-to-date insights on more than 800 million global users, advanced search filters, and personalised or pre-made templates to streamline their search for the perfect candidate.

In a recent blog post, LinkedIn’s Mohak Shroff, wrote: “Today’s launch of InCareer is just the beginning. Over the coming months, we will build on this foundation, with feedback from our members and customers, to develop a world-class experience.”

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