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KSA cracks down on cashback bonuses

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has issued formal warnings to all online gambling operators in the Netherlands, in an attempt to crack down on the prevalence of cashback bonus offers.

Cashback bonuses, which offer players the chance to win back some of the cash they have lost, are currently prohibited in the country, as they are deemed to be a form of advertising and can lead to harmful gambling behavior.

In letters sent out by the KSA, the authority reminded all online operators that it was illegal to offer bonuses of this kind, and if the practice was not stopped then operators would face regulatory action.

Last month, the KSA took disciplinary action against a number of Dutch operators found to be running illegal gambling services.

The operators in question were not named, but the KSA confirmed that two were offering betting options for yellow cards in football matches, which is banned in the Netherlands, while another was offering games without the correct license.

A fourth operator was deemed to have been using a role model to advertise gambling services, a practice that was outlawed in the Netherlands by legislation published in June. According to the KSA, the term role model refers to people of notable public fame, including musicians, sports stars, and social media influencers.

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