Kline appointed as Maverick’s new CMO

Brett Kline will now be responsible for marketing strategies at Maverick Gaming after being appointed as the group’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

As part of the new role, Kline will oversee the rebranding and the integration of multiple marketing platforms and businesses at Maverick Gaming.

Bringing more than 20 years of gaming industry experience to the role, Kline was most recently positioned as chief marketing officer at House Advantage.

In addition to his previous job position, Brett served over 12 years at Caesars Entertainment, working in positions from the President’s associate, to the corporate Vice-President of premium customer marketing.

With a five-year spell at Las Vegas Sands under his belt, where he worked as Vice-President of marketing in global gaming and Senior Vice-President of relationship marketing for Sands China Limited. Before then, Kline served as director of table Games at Harrah’s Prairie Band, which is where he first worked with Eric Persson, Maverick Gaming’s majority owner.

Persson said: “It was clear to me even then, that Brett had a disciplined mind, and strategic focus that would serve any gaming company well.

“We are counting on Brett to bring his proven marketing expertise to Maverick. We needed someone hands-on, nimble and with a proven track record of success.”

Kline added: “My goal is for Maverick’s marketing strategies to become best-in-class, which every other gaming company hopes to model after.”

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