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KFC: the fast food company’s post-pandemic strategy can feed into yours quite well

After a couple of months in the abyss, the world is awakening from its slumber. Shops are reopening, as are places of worship. Meanwhile, fast food companies are also beginning to deliver their services once more. 

One such fast food outlet emerging from the dark is KFC. Why are we talking about them today? Because their post-pandemic strategy has a lot that you can apply to your own. 

Today, we’re going to talk about these in more depth. One might refer to these as ‘takeaways’, but that pun would be too easy. 

Takeaway #1: You must be active on mobile 

In this article published by the Drum, KFC Marketing Director Jack Hinchcliffe talked about the company’s mobile ordering capabilities. He admitted that promoting this channel had not been a “priority” beforehand. But moving forward, more efforts will be made to advertise this feature. 

From your perspective, the key takeaway here is that mobile is vital. A large portion of the UK and Ireland especially have mobile devices and use them daily. This means that all of your advertising, content and app offerings (if you have one) should be efficient on this channel. Should you put together an effective mobile strategy, you’ll not only create a better user experience but also boost both your acquisition and retention chances. 

Takeaway #2: Authenticity will be more important than ever 

The importance of authenticity is a given anyway, but in a post-pandemic world it will be even more significant. As the Drum’s article highlights, KFC has put together an amusing ad to promote the return of its delivery services. The company is allowed to be, because naturally they’re funny. If you are not, then do not try to be. People will see right through it and find it cringeworthy. 

Marketing is a bit like dating. Yes, putting on a fake persona might work in the short term. However, once you’ve been found out, there’s no reason for the other party to stay. Not only will you find that people would have liked your genuine self, but your customers will also feel betrayed and lose trust in you. Stick to what your brand believes in and don’t stray away from that. 

Takeaway #3: Be creative, but sensible 

Don’t let the above point discourage you from being creative. You should still look for unique ways to stand out in your online marketing – just make sure that it’s true to you. Beyond the ordinary, think about how you can incorporate video, podcasting and so on. 

Be sensible with your marketing and content, though. When referring to a certain virus, you’re probably better off avoiding it full stop. Operators and affiliates have been warned about their conduct both in the UK and beyond, with some in other countries being fined. Don’t alienate the entire industry before you’ve even started. 

Final thoughts 

Succeeding in a post-pandemic world will involve thinking about what worked in the past, as well as how you can tweak the things that weren’t so successful. KFC have shown how to do that in their own strategy. 

Alongside other things, it’s more important now than ever to stick to your brand messaging. Sticking to a clear vision always wins in the long-term, which is why companies such as Adidas have achieved longevity. 

This is also a time where it might be worth experimenting with promoting yourself in creative ways on the internet. However, you should – as always – comply with local advertising regulations for your target markets. 

Ultimately, the companies who are willing to adapt and can find a way to stand out will stand a greater chance of returning strongly from the temporary global shutdown. 

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