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VistaGaming is a long-standing and unique affiliate program that has attracted affiliates around the world. We caught up with Fabiola Olaso, the Marketing Director at VistaGaming to find out more about the program and how it operates. Check out what Fabiola had to say below.

Affiverse: What steps were involved in the process of developing such an effective and long-standing affiliate program? 

Fabiola: “Teamwork, Negotiation, trust, and conversion.Fabiola Olaso

It starts with doing the proper research and having the right tools to work with. Thinking long-term was the key, and so we aimed to build a reputable and trustworthy affiliate program. A customer-first approach is very important in any business, and we’ve worked hard to keep our affiliates happy, with fresh content, attractive offers to get new players, and BIT to maintain existing customers. Keep affiliates engaged so they promote your brands in the long run. It is a relationship of real commitment and dedication with your affiliates.”

Affiverse: What makes your affiliate program unique and stand out against other affiliate programs in the online gaming market?

“Honesty and transparency have been our core values from the start. We believe in offering the best possible deals to our affiliates. However, it is important to balance things out, and we try not to offer unrealistic deals that are not sustainable in the long run. Communication is also a very important factor. We’re always there for our affiliates and regularly keep in touch with them.  We offer tailor-made promotions according to each affiliate’s needs. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, and we strive to increase conversions and revenue among new and existing traffic sent to our brands.”

Affiverse: Since establishing the affiliate program in 1996, have you noticed a change in the online gaming industry? If so, how?

“We didn’t start our affiliate program in 1996, but VistaGaming started advertising their first brand then, the very first online Bingo in America.  I’m sure things were way different then, using dial-up internet and all. But yes, iGaming is a very fast-paced industry and things are always changing. So, let’s focus on what the program is today. I’ve been part of the VistaGaming team for nearly a decade. In this period, we’ve made a lot of changes, like in the software that is now more flexible. With the present industry needs we are required to compete and offer affiliates lots of flexibility. Also, in the affiliate program the way we advertise and provide marketing material for the brands is constantly being updated and adapted to the current trends.

Technology, regulations, and markets are constantly evolving, and these have affected online gaming a lot. For example, in the last few years mobile gaming and live casino gaming have really hit it off, so we’d align our products to match the changing player preferences. “

Affiverse: What has been the biggest thing that you have learned since establishing your affiliate program?

“The main challenge can be to stay up to date with the marketing trends, country regulations, changing strategies, and to help revamp an entire brand to improve ROI. It’s important to commit to your affiliates and create something great for them to promote and for you to grow the affiliate program. There are two sides, the operator and the affiliate, both wanting to maximize earnings, so it’s important to balance things out. Being loyal to your affiliates is the key to success, as without affiliates bringing in the customers there is nothing to run!”

Affiverse: It is clear that the industry is continuously growing and evolving, but what do you think this means for the future of affiliate marketing?

“Yes, there is a bright future in iGaming affiliate marketing as new markets open up, especially in Latin America and Africa. Affiliate business is on the rise, but it will have its own challenges where more creative solutions will be better rewarded.

Then there is this new world of affiliate streamers that is becoming more and more popular. We also see a whole new customer base for the future generations, meaning we will all be constantly learning and adapting as we go.”


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