Affiliate Spotlight: Best Bet Offers UK's Jordan Lewis

Affiliate Spotlight shines a light on latest affiliate sites from around the world.
This week we chat to Jordan Lewis of Best Bet Offers UK, who discusses what makes the site stand out from its competitors, while also giving his views on the recent online bingo resurgence.

Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing Best Bet Offers UK as a site and explaining what it brings to the affiliate space?
Jordan Lewis: Best Bet Offers UK is a gambling offer and website comparison site, bringing it’s users an in-depth analysis of every single betting site that we feature.
You can find out the pro’s and con’s of each site, the markets that they cover and any and all promotions they may offer that may appeal to potential new customers.
We aim to give our visitors the most up-to-date, exclusive betting offers on our homepage which consist of but isn’t limited to: enhanced odds on upcoming events, new and existing customer free bets and welcome bonuses. As we’re bettors ourselves, we genuinely want to ensure that bettors are getting the most out of their money.
AI: There are a number of sports betting affiliate sites out there. What makes Best Bet Offers UK stand out from the rest?
JL: As previously mentioned, we feature the latest and most exclusive betting offers on our homepage under our “Betting Offers of the Week” section, which comprises of not just generic welcome offers like “Bet £10 Get £30”, but appealing offers for upcoming sporting events like enhanced odds. This part is updated regularly.
We write articles on a consistent basis that features Sports News and Predictions/Betting Tips. We as a gambling affiliate site have a strict policy on only promoting gambling sites that are full licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and have sufficient security for their players’ details such as passwords and bank information. We would not promote a site unless their license status was active and their site was SSL encrypted. All review pages have a link for players to check the UKGC license status of the betting site.
Another thing that separates us is how detailed we go into a review, we aim to cover everything such as every single betting market type that a site covers, the minimum deposit required to place a bet, the contact information and withdrawal times.
Not only do we review each site ourselves, our visitors are also able to rate a betting site as well as leave a comment about it.
AI: Many have predicted a resurgence in bingo for 2019. How important is the bingo section of your site to your overall business model?
JL: We think that each section is just as important as another. Somebody may come across our site and they may not like Sports, but Bingo could be something that interests them. With predictions of bingo making a re-surge, we definitely want to re-surge our bingo page. Our aim this year will be to add a lot more quality to the bingo page in terms of offers and reputable bingo sites.
AI: As we move further into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months and beyond for Best Bet Offers UK?
JL: As we progress further into this year and beyond we hope to add more content to each page, more specifically more betting offers and review pages. We’re very keen on increasing our google rankings and gaining more traffic so that the site can reach a wider audience and the offers can be taken advantage of.
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