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It’s a Wrap! Highlights and Insights from this Season’s Guests

As we wrap up the final episode of the season, we’re taking a look back at all the best insights shared throughout the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. Highlights from presidents and CEOs, sharing what they think of the affiliate marketing industry; covering everything from new tech, to new strategies, to new perspectives.

Listen in to hear all of our favourite insights from season 12, and be sure to tune in to season 13 for more.

Adam Riemer: It’s all a video schema!

Adam Riemer, President at Adam Riemer Marketing, was sharing a lot of tips on how to optimise content for the best traffic and how to then study that traffic. One idea that he had concerned video content: video schema.

Adam said: “All video schema is a fancy word for some code that you could have AI start to write. Now, there are going to be errors, so you could definitely use a tool like Schema App or seoClarity, or something else, to create the schema library for you and define for a search engine: this video is about this topic. Here’s what you’re going to learn in it. Here’s who will benefit from it. Here’s the length of it. And then maybe that’s what’s going to convince the person. And depending on if you use a video overlay, you can inject your affiliate links as you’re mentioning products.”

Alona Malinovska: Flexible working schedules won’t solve everything

It’s an undisputed truth that flexible working, at the very least, is a great help to employers. Working around children’s schedules that cannot be compromised, such as the school run, is very much preferable to working against them. Flexible working is a big part of that, opening up options for parents and care providers, but it doesn’t solve everything.

As Alona Malinovska, managing director at Webgains, points out: “I feel that in our industry, we are fortunate to be so flexible and so progressive, to an extent, with working from home with flexible hours, with part-time roles which are available across the industry. But at the same time, of course, it never feels like it’s enough because childcare, specifically in the UK, is very, very expensive.”

“Companies also need to make sure that these support systems are sustainable for them because ultimately, we also need to make money. And so really, it’s just about trying to find this balance to make sure that we are as supportive as we can be.”

Sergey Yarovoy and Yana Ivanova: Speaking the language of North vs South Vietnam

Much like we say you should tailor your content to your demographic, and even your content to the platform it’s appearing on, Yana suggests that even market regions have their own demographic specifics and that you should tailor to them.

As Yana Ivanova, affiliate marketing manager at Exness, explains: “During our CPA meetup, we had a very nice and interesting conversation and discussion panel about the specifics of the Vietnamese market. We were discussing the differences between the north and south of Vietnam because it’s very different.”

“The audience is very different. For example, in the northern region, they’re more politically, and economically mature, and northerners are more concerned about status and wealth. And the South people, for example, consider themselves the more dynamic and tolerant and easygoing people, let’s say, and they tend to follow influencers and bloggers and they’re more liberal with their money. This could be very good to be taken into consideration while you’re doing new business in Vietnam, for example. You need to target the relevant audience and speak with them in their own language.”

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  •         Adam Riemer on optimising video brands
  •         Sergey Yarovoy and Yana Ivanova on the differences in geo demographics

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[45:00] – Alona Malinovska’s view on creating an optimistic working environment

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