INTRALOT becomes Global Lottery Monitoring System associate member

INTRALOT has joined the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) as an associate member. The Greek supplier will now be “associated to the GLMS visual identity, will receive summaries of global GLMS alerts and have access to the education and prevention tools and the information network that GLMS puts in place for its membership base.”
The firm, which runs an affiliate program known simply as IntralotAffiliates, will also receive sponsorship and communication opportunities at GLMS events.
Commenting on the development, GLMS President Ludovico Calvi stated: “INTRALOT, by supporting GLMS, the global lotteries’ sports integrity body, through the associate membership programme, has shown its solid commitment to the development and well-being of Sport investing through the lottery sector, as well as in innovative and responsible sports betting operations.
“We warmly welcome INTRALOT in the GLMS family and we are looking forward to welcoming further GLMS associate members in the near future.”
INTRALOT Group Chief Commercial Officer Nikos Nikolakopoulos added: “Being aware of the remarkable recent growth of GLMS and recognising its importance and value for the lottery sector, INTRALOT as a traditional sports betting technology and services vendor, is thrilled to be part of such a significant initiative of the global lottery movement.
“We are delighted to join GLMS and we look forward to getting involved and taking pride in contributing to the further growth and success of GLMS and the safeguarding of integrity in sports through such institutional initiatives.”

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