Integrity Exchange

Integrity Exchange launched by Sportradar

Sports data analyser Sportradar has launched a new Integrity Exchange tool to help bookmakers safeguard players and report any suspicious activity.

Access to the scheme is completely free and gives bookmakers a more active role in supporting integrity and minimising match-fixing in the world of sport. It gives these operators and suppliers a two-way channel, allowing them to exchange data and raise concerns with experts if needs be.

This includes critical data on the sports and competitions most likely to be manipulated, educational tools, global trend reports and more.

Sportradar currently works with more than 150 sports federations and authorities to help protect the integrity of sporting matches. In 2021 along, their Integrity Services detected 903 suspicious matches with 65 sanctions having been issued.

Andreas Krannich, Managing Director of Sportradar, said: “We’re inviting bookmakers to strengthen their contribution to the anti-match-fixing fight. The Sportradar Integrity Exchange is a key part of our integrity vision to tackle match-fixing and follows the Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) bet monitoring system for sports organisations that we made free-of-charge last year.

“It means that we can address corruption from different aspects of the industry – it’s the flip side of the same coin and is the next step in our strategy to fight the growing match-fixing problem.”

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