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Infinileads SL Launches SlotJava Awards 2020

Infinileads SL has analyzed this year’s slot data to provide the industry with an in-depth overview of the past 12 months in slot gaming and award the most worthwhile slot machines, suppliers, and related stakeholders.

SlotJava Awards stands as an industry benchmark and a worthwhile acquisition for any brand that seeks to distinguish itself in the slot space. Infinileads will nominate and award suppliers and slots that have contributed to the empowerment of the SlotJava brands, bringing a fun and innovative experience to consumers.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Infinileads SL founder Eric Stööp had this to say: “We are excited about our first SlotJava Awards and I think it will be a great way to end the year on a positive note with some fun and interesting slot data. The infographic we are creating gives an accurate view of the most popular slot machines in each specific market, as they are based on a dataset of millions of user generated transactions”

SlotJava Awards will be featured on for Italy and for Spain respectively, and the event will cover several essential slot categories, including:

  • Most Popular Slot Machine 2020
  • Most Popular Game Provider 2020
  • Most Popular Slot Theme 2020
  • Most Popular Branded Slot 2020

With more than 1700 free to play slots and 100 different providers (and still counting) it’s been a huge amount of data to analyze but we’ve managed to narrow it down to some solid winners and are all looking forward in presenting them in our own unique way,” said Infinileads SL product director Niklas Lundström.

There are more distinctions worth exploring, Lundström added, noting that those categories carried additional and unique value in their own right.

About Infinileads

Infinileads SL is a household name in lead generation and marketing founded in 2016. The company is focusing on the gambling industry with key market verticals in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America. Infinileads SL operates out of Marbella, Spain, with a base of five employees and a strong team of distinguished industry contributors.

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