Improving your conversion and Calls to Action (CTA’s)

Getting the right CTA to boost your conversion rate

Creating a call to action that really speaks to your users is key to getting those affiliate commissions. In this article, we’re going to give you hints and tips to create the ideal CTA for your site, so you can maximise every user that comes to your site. 

What’s your click through rate?

Before getting ahead of yourself and changing around your call to action, you should first assess what you have currently. According to Leighton Interactive, the average text based CTA has a click through rate of 6.27%. It can be difficult for affiliates to properly assess this however, as we’re notoriously secretive with our data. 

Conversion XL tells us that 30% of people that are running split tests on their site are honing in on the CTA. Of these testers, one in seven will produce a significant result in their testing, which is on average 49% improvement in conversion rate. This shows just how important it is to test your CTAs, monitor every change and strive for improvement. 

If you’re only using banner ads on your affiliate site, then you’ll probably only be getting a click through rate of 0.05% according to Smart Insights. We’re now so accustomed to these forms of ads that we tend to block them out quite a lot. Advertisers tend to use these kind of ads for overall brand awareness, which may lead to a user going directly to their brand later. However, as an affiliate, this is not what you want as you would miss out on that commission. 

Ways to improve it

There are a few hallmarks of great CTAs that we see time and again. The best thing that you can do to get users to click is to show them why they should. This could be by offering them something exclusive or telling them what to expect when they click. Make it original and experiment with the different types of content that you put inside these CTAs. 

Be aware of the CAP guidelines that you should be using when it comes to these buttons on your site. Any time you advertise an offer, you have to quantify the terms that apply to it. This might make your button look a bit less appealing, but it’s up to you to test new formats that make these CTAs appealing to your users. You can pay an advisor from ASA to approve your content and make you aware of any compliance issues. 

Offering value is the best way to drastically improve your click through rate. Your current CTA might have a simple “Play Now” button, however if you changed this to be “Claim your Exclusive Bonus” you may engage more of your users. Using split testing, you can start to figure out what your users want to see. Tools like Unbounce will allow you to create landing pages that you can use to engage your users and split test the results. 

When split testing these buttons, you may feel like you’re just taking a shot in the dark, but the more you test and learn, the better your site will become. Kissmetrics suggests that a split test should last at least two weeks to yield significant results. Your traffic may vary on a daily basis, so allowing your test to run for longer will get more stable results. 

Get started with your CTA tests now if you want to make the most of your traffic over the coming months. This is by no means a speedy process, so the sooner you begin, the better your results will be. 

If you want to optimise your conversion – Feel Free to download our CTA cheat sheet HERE

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