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Impact secures $150 million in new venture capital funding

Cloud software developer Impact has secured $150 million in new venture capital funding from investors. This has helped the value of the company to grow to over $1.5 billion, with levels of annual recurring revenue reaching $100 million.

Impact’s Partnership Cloud allows brands of all sizes and industries to grow and scale their programs. This includes partnerships such as affiliates, influencers, and more. This investment is significant in that it not only demonstrates Impact’s power as a brand, but also their ethos of building strong partnerships and friendships that can be used to further a brand.

David Yovanno, CEO and Director of Impact said: “Major investors have made a significant investment to research both the partnerships category and Impact as a company. They have made a bet on the market leader, and I look forward to continuing to build out something that defines the next wave of growth for both of our companies and our professional careers.”

He added: “We are grateful to our team, partners, clients, investors and all other players in our ecosystem for believing in the power of partnerships. This momentum is driving everyone forward and upward: publishers, agencies, small businesses, big brands, technology partners and everyone in between.”

With a major company such as this attracting venture capital funding and interest from many areas, it promotes further investment into SAAS systems and networks that affiliates could benefit from in the future. With the right investment, a brand will be able to grow quite significantly.

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