Buenos Aires iGaming

iGaming approved in Buenos Aires

Land-based casinos in Buenos Aires will now be allowed to apply for online permits.

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires approved tweaks to existing online gambling regulations to enable this.

Applicants will need to adhere to a variety of rules, including having a “clean record”.

Modifications received a vote of 27 for, 5 against and 26 abstentions.

Land-based casinos now included in the process 

The law had originally been enacted in February this year. At this time, land-based casinos had been exempted from being allowed to apply for online licenses. However, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a change in decisions.

A “clean record” mandate has also been included. This was voted with 37 in favour and 4 against, along with 15 abstentions. It was argued that people who have either been prosecuted of serious crimes, or are on trial, should not be allowed to benefit from online operations.

Boosting tax revenues 

It’s anticipated by the government that between $6.6 million and $9.2 million will be brought in each year from regulated online gambling.

Modifications to online gambling laws in Buenos Aires have one final hurdle to clear. And it’s not much of a hurdle; Governor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, whose party was a leader of the proposals, needs to approve the changes.

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