How To Launch Your Affiliate Program for Any Niche in Just Two Hours

Whether you’re creating an affiliate program from scratch, or planning to migrate from another platform, now you can do it in just a few hours with Alanbase. The process has never been easier and faster – why is that? 

There are presets for iGaming, media buying teams, e-commerce, and many other niches for both web and mobile. Alanbase guarantees complete customisation: all metrics, dashboards, and statistics can be 100% tailored to your needs. 

What Sets Alanbase Apart?

As one of the fastest and most affordable solutions on the market, some affiliate teams use Alanbase as a tracker and say it’s more convenient than commonly used tools. For example, each media buyer has their own dashboard where they see their statistics and takes their links to drive traffic.

Moreover, Alanbase is a platform created by industry professionals in affiliate sphere and casinos for similar professionals. In other words, the platform was developed by marketers like you.

So, are these details really important or not?

Alanbase, attention to detail


  1. Goal splitting: There is a problem where many systems cannot separate the customer’s journey into goals and only show the fact of them completing the final target action. In Alanbase, you can see the customer’s journey through various intermediate goals and use it in statistics.
  2. Conversion creation at the moment of the target action, not click: When using some systems and trackers, due to the absence of the concept of “Goal,” different target actions can be one conversion. Thus, Registration and Deposit can be one conversion, which will only change the status depending on what it is. Therefore, it will be impossible to count the number of Registrations and Deposits separately to calculate conversion. But with Alanbase, you will always see up-to-date data on the actual day of the target action in a convenient and readable format.
  3. Working with different currencies with real-time conversion: Often, all user actions in a product are carried out in a local currency, and it is necessary to see statistics in the original currency, but payments can be in USD. In Alanbase, you can send all actions in the original currency and make payments in the currency that suits you. Exchange rates are always up-to-date and correspond to the ECB rate.
  4. Setting a time window for when conversions will be paid to the webmaster: Imagine that a user registered and did not perform a paid target action immediately, but only on the 97th day after registration. Is it necessary to pay such a lead to a partner, as it is most likely the achievement of your email marketing and customer retention department? Alanbase allows you to set a time window for paying conversions.


Many features may not seem essential when starting with any platform. But that’s exactly what you pay attention to later! Alanbase state that they have made sure that users don’t encounter difficulties at the beginning and over time. They invite you to write to their product manager on Telegram, who will show you all the customisation features in action. Or, you can sign-up for a demo call.

Your Affiliate Program or SaaS solution?

Using SaaS solutions saves not only money and time but is also the most attractive and intuitive way to create your affiliate program and manage affiliate campaigns. The question is, which SaaS company to choose? 

In practice, you can encounter the following situations: either the functionality is too complex, and a very good specialist is needed for training, or the opposite situation—there is little functionality and it is insufficient. There are systems that seem to fit all criteria, but when you start working with them, another pitfall emerges: unstable operation. So, is there an option that can encompass all the advantages of systems and be free from the drawbacks inherent in other systems? Yes, and that’s Alanbase—a universal SaaS solution for building affiliate programs, which, thanks to its adaptability and builder functionality, is suitable for almost any business direction, whether it’s E-commerce, mobile games, or products in the iGaming industry. 

What Can a Constructor Do?

The Alanbase logo has an image of a parrot – an intelligent bird, capable of performing complex tricks, understanding the essence of certain mechanisms, adapting to conditions, having high intelligence, and the ability to learn. This lends itself to the fact that this is a “constructor that constantly adapts to its clients”. 

Need a real-time system for gambling? Alanbase can track all indicators: 

  •          Registration 
  •          First deposit,
  •          Repeat deposit
  •          Withdrawal
  •          Bet calculation
  •          Casino spin
  •          Spin calculation 
  •          Balances activation and wager requirements. 
  •          Many other arbitrary events are also supported.


Seeking a solution to track the economy of a product using a subscription model and one-time payments, like an online school? Alanbase can easily track all indicators: 

  •          Registration
  •          Trial activation
  •          First sale
  •          Repeat sale 
  •          One-time purchases,
  •          Refunds, and many other additional arbitrary events


A solution for publishers of mobile games? Absolutely! Alanbase can track: 

  •          Registration,
  •          Game start
  •          Training completion,
  •          Achievement of any level 
  •          Activity after three days/  after seven days, 
  •          In-game purchases, and their amounts. 
  •          Many other additional arbitrary events are supported


alanbase, statistics









At Alanbase, calculations are based on information sent by advertisers and parameters calculated by Alanbase itself. For example: 

  •          average daily check for a referred user
  •          total payment amount per day 
  •          conversion from any target action to almost all available marketing metrics 
  •          daily EPC 
  •          daily ARPU 
  •           CR
  •          average check per acquired user
  •          user lifetime 
  •          and much more, limited only by your business requirements.

Cohort Analysis

alanbase, cohort analysis









This useful feature allows you to assess the activity of users attracted to your products by your partners. It helps evaluate their profitability and allows adjustments to the economic model of interaction with your partners. By using the same logic, you can define arbitrary formulas based on parameters calculated by Alanbase and those sent by advertisers. For example, you can track activity based on any arbitrary indicators such as: payment amount, quantity, conversion from one payment to another, hitting certain KPIs, etc., grouped by weeks. This allows you to see how each cohort of product users manifests activity every week.

Role Management

The role system allows flexible management of employee access. You can create roles for a technical integrator who won’t have access to statistics or for a finance employee who will only deal with payouts. The role management system also allows managers to have access only to their assigned partners. Managers will see statistics, working conditions, and data directly for the partners they are assigned to, rather than all registered in the system.

Technical Support

Despite the interface being straightforward for clients and having reference materials available, any system will have peculiarities that may not be immediately clear, requiring assistance in such cases. The support team responds quickly within a day, helping not only with the system’s functionality but also with solving complex partner cases. Support specialists assist with onboarding and training staff to work with the system, help with integration model and initial setup, understand your traffic flow, advise on the best use of the platform, assist with integrating trackers and applications into Alanbase, as well as third-party solutions like AppsFlyer, work on and assist with migration from the current service to Alanbase, and help configure statistics and the system to meet your needs and business requirements.

Non-stop Optimisation

Continuous efforts are made to improve the intuitiveness of client dashboards by studying the use cases of current clients. Only modern management and development methodologies, the fastest technologies, and solutions are used in the service. Development happens according to client requests: collecting feedback on existing functionality and new features that need to be developed to meet their needs. Some of the latest improvements, include implementing invoice auto-generation for potential clients and an anti-fraud system for another active client. 

How to get started?

View the platform demo and test it for free for 14 days. If you are already working on a solution and considering moving to Alanbase, they can transfer and import all your current data into the system – partner base, statistics, offers, deals, and much more. Next, they will conduct onboarding and train your employees to use the system, help with mastering it, and answer all questions.

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