How to bag the perfect affiliate manager role

Are you on the hunt for a new role in the affiliate marketing space but unsure where to start? There are lots of roles out there if you know where to look, and we can help you find them.  Here are our tips on how you can find the perfect affiliate manager role for you.

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

It’s critical when looking for a new role that you optimise your LinkedIn profile.  First of all, it’s always a good idea to have a professional headshot.  If you have a profile picture, your profile is 14 times more likely to be clicked on.  You should also ensure you have an engaging headline, as that’s one of the first things that will be seen when you come up on search.

Make Sure you Hone your Skills

The role of an affiliate manager is continually evolving, that’s why it’s essential you are always training.  Make sure you book into affiliate marketing courses when possible to be trained by the experts. Why not check out our AMPP course that is opening up for delegates very soon? You’ll learn everything you need to know about becoming an affiliate manager and improve your skills.

You can also keep your finger on the pulse by doing your own research.  Make sure you are subscribed to relevant publications and are up to speed on the latest digital marketing trends.

Attend Networking Events

Although conferences aren’t quite as they were prior to the pandemic – they are coming back!  Make sure you put these in your calendar when they come up and attend.  Don’t forget that although there aren’t any live events – there are virtual events that you can go to.  Not only can you visit breakout rooms, you can also learn from roundtables – panel discussions and general training sessions there.

Get in touch with Recruiters

There are lots of recruitment agencies that are specific to your industry.  If you are in iGaming for example, then you can contact iGaming recruitment agencies to see what positions are available.  There are always operators and networks on the hunt for affiliate marketing managers.  There are also social media groups where you can post your expertise to see if you can expand your network.

If you are an affiliate marketing Rockstar – and on a mission to find the perfect role – make sure you check out our tips.

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