How to ADAPT your purpose for more affiliate program growth

The affiliate marketing podcast is back again with another star-studded episode. This week we are focusing heavily on adapting your purpose for your affiliate program, and who else better to discuss this than Purpose Brand Agency, CEO, Diane Primo. She is the only African-American female CEO of a purpose-driven communications agency. Diane’s focus on impact marketing stems from the belief that brands must be relevant, purpose-driven and committed to consumers to be successful today. Consumers’ demand for meaning, transparency and authenticity has changed the nature of and raised the stakes in all communications.

As founder of Purpose Brand, Diane builds on a 30-year career leading some of the top marketing organizations in the country. She served as General Manager at Quaker Oats, President of Product Management at Ameritech and SBC (currently AT&T), Chief Marketing Officer of CDW and CEO of a Kleiner Perkins-backed e-commerce startup in the home services sector. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Smith College.

Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World is Diane’s very own book and represents the most up-to-date, cutting-edge thinking on corporate purpose. It is both a framework for mastering corporate purpose and a way to achieve a more resilient and prosperous business.

Listen to find out more about: 

  • Why Diane wrote this book 
  • Understanding the marketplace that you’re in 
  • The future of affiliate marketing and the importance to ADAPT

[01:40] – Diane discusses her background 

[07:30] – Listen as Diane discusses her inspiration for writing the book 

[13:00] – Hear why trust is crucial for any affiliate marketing method 

[22:00] – How to deal with the changes of digital

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