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How affiliates should use music and sound to boost their marketing campaigns

Music and sound are two of the most important tools in marketing campaigns. Memorable jingles have taken certain adverts and made them into classics that everyone can recognise. While musical additions are commonplace in traditional advertising, affiliate marketers should look into how they can incorporate sound into their own advertising campaigns.

Why use sound in your video marketing

Many social media platforms automatically mute sound on video adverts, but that does not mean that you should simply create video content that lacks any sort of background sound. If a potential customer does decide to view your content properly, the music you choose will be a key part of the experience.

Music is used to evoke an emotional response from us. Just look at how it is used in some of the best films – the climactic scenes would not nearly be so emotional if not for the music they used.

Marketers can use our response to music to their advantage. With the right tracks, you can create a dynamic piece of content that will encourage viewers to move forward and engage with more of what you have to offer.

Choosing the right music

Finding the right music and sound to use in your pieces is going to be crucial. However, just as you can find many stock images or videos to work into your marketing, so will you be able to find a good library of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects.

Paying for the licenses for other types of music can be a long and complicated process. It is always going to be a better move for you to stick with royalty-free tracks instead – you can be certain that there will be one that suits the vibe of your campaign.

Build your brand image

Music and sound can be a vital part of your brand identity when used in the right way. You will have a logo and name for your affiliate program, and you will have spent time developing a tone of voice and other aspects of branding.

Alongside all of this, you could select a certain track or set of sound effects that you use throughout your marketing campaigns. This will begin to grow a multi-dimensional brand image in the minds of your customers, and puts you further ahead in terms of being memorable.

As an affiliate brand, you need to make sure that you are standing out against your competition however you can. Choosing to use music and sound to do so is adding another layer to your brand recognition, and you never know when it might be able to land you a new set of customers or an exciting affiliate opportunity.

Reassess how your program uses sound now. By choosing some key pieces of music and sound to incorporate throughout your affiliate program, you could build engagement and drive towards new sales and growth. It is a very interesting aspect of your marketing to focus on.

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